Beta Aetix Genus GTR-S 2.4

Made by MrLiviKiwi

  1. MrLiviKiwi
    ... it's time for a new Automation series.
    It's time for the...

    Aetix Genus GTR-S
    "what was that?"

    • Engine: 5.2l V10 90°
    • Power: 492HP @8300rpm
    • RWD
    • Weight: 985kg
    • Transmission: 6-gear-sequential
    • Topspeed: 320km/h
    • Behavior: super fast, good handling, always looking good

    Thank you for downloading :)

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    1. HighresScreenshot00109.png
    2. HighresScreenshot00110.png
    3. HighresScreenshot00111.png
    4. HighresScreenshot00112.png
    5. HighresScreenshot00113.png
    6. HighresScreenshot00114.png

Recent Reviews

  1. AlpinaFlyer
    Version: 2.3
    1. MrLiviKiwi
      Author's Response
      Thank you so much :)
  2. Mehran0078
    Version: 2.1
    I love it
    Thank you so much for this car
    1. MrLiviKiwi
      Author's Response
      Wow thank you very much for your comment! This means a lot to me :)
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