Beta Aftermarket Standalone Customizable Traction Control 1.01

A performance-oriented traction control with KISS principle in mind.

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    Aftermarket Standalone Customizable Traction Control


    Simple, hassle-free logic
    : A lightweight, non-PID controller. Easy to implement, does not interfere with factory installed ESC/DSE(if any).

    Performance oriented: Unlike safety-oriented factory installed ESC that is somewhat sluggish. This mod is capable of keeping the wheel slippage at optimal level during acceleration thanks to its very fast reaction speed. With this mod, driving powerful RWD vehicle(such as Barstow Nightsnake) feels like playing simcade driving games.

    Customizable: Tune the variables to suit your driving style.

    Brake Switch: Apply more than this brake or handbrake disables traction control, for doing burnouts or left-foot braking.
    Drive: Set this to 0 if FWD, 1 if RWD.
    Minimum Engine RPM: To avoid engine bog down to low torque RPM, TCS is only active at above this RPM.
    Speed Differential Limit: Set the allowed wheel slippage at low speeds where slip(dynamic friction) dominates traction.
    Speed Margin: Set the allowed overspin where TCS reduces throttle gradually, lower setting means sharper throttle cut.
    Speed Ratio Limit: Set the allowed wheel slippage at high speeds where elastic creep dominates traction.
    Throttle Cut: Cut this amount of throttle at most.

    To use this mod, select it in "Additional Modification" part slot.

    Know problems:
    Does not work in arcade shifting reverse
    Only work with 4-wheelers
    Does not work in electric vehicles due to exception caused by the lack of engine RPM.

Recent Updates

  1. 0.25 Scintilla Update

Recent Reviews

  1. MjklSimpson
    Version: 1.01
    hey i still didn't test your addon but i already know it's awesome!!! the way you used the comparisson between axles is exactly what i did for simulated engines on garry's mod, but i made it so the user can only choose between 7 TC levels and just that.
    mine is timer based: cuts throttle completely until timer runs out but it has 3 conditions (one cuts for longer than the previous) for each cycle of cut depending on how much slip it detected so it still operates smoothly. also had to add a "minimum speed" slider so the engine won't stall lol
    maybe i can learn how to mod on beamng and compete with you and see who can make the best TC or even ABS :D
    1. default0.0player
      Author's Response
      I don't know about garry's mod engine but I appreciate your review.
  2. PowerstrokeHD
    Version: 1.0
    i find amusing that you are able to remove 99% of the throttle.
  3. angelo234
    Version: 1.0
    Interesting traction control system
  4. monobrau
    Version: 1.0
    This is lovely. I always thought the games tcs was always over restrictive. I finally can abuse the controls like the tcs in assetto.
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