Unsupported AGT1500 mod 1.3

A tank engine in Beamng?

  1. NOS

    nos is added to every engine
  2. AGT1500s

    this is the same motor just with 400 more torque added at every RPM and it revs faster 250 MPH top speed only in the D-series right now soon going to be in some supercars. And now it's in beta phase so just a few more adjustments and some vehicle support and it will be a full mod I guess.
  3. H-series support

    this just adds the same engine from the D-series into the H-series just use the stock intake
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  4. inertia fix

    I just set friction and inertia down so now it should rev up pretty fast (only on the D-series)
  5. d series support

    adds the engine to the d series (use only stock intake).
    You better buy a new pair of pants cause this thing is quick at least when you pop the clutch (front wheels wobble so bad they put jeep death wobbles to shame) tires scream and smoke fills the air (tires spin up to 200 MPH).
    so good luck to those who have the balls to strap in this death machine to their beloved D-series.
  6. rename

    just renames the mod
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