Alpha Alternate Steering Wheel for Covet 1.0

Another Covet steering wheel taken from the Pessima of the same era

  1. Alieu
    Alternate Covet Steering Wheel
    The mod is just a non-airbag steering wheel from the Pessima of the same era plopped into the Covet, not much else to it
    To install manually, find your mods folder for BeamNG, and plop the file in
    And to equip the steering wheel, just go into Parts Selector and find the "Steering Wheel" slot. Then look for the "New Covet Steering Wheel" and that's all.
    BeamNG for creating the Pessima steering wheel itself
    @waboll I used his steering wheel mod as reference to how I should set up things
    @FalloutNode for basically all of the material stuff and helping me understand how things work, without him this wouldn't be
    LucasBE, JsZ, and LJ for helping me along the way with little things and methods

Recent Reviews

  1. mrwallace888
    Version: 1.0
    Simple but unique mod. Think it’s possible to see if you can make more steering wheels? Like we could put any Ibishu steering wheel on any Ibishu car, or a Grand Marshall steering wheel on a Roamer. Things like that. I’m sure it’d be hard to do 100% universal steering wheels (any brand steering wheel on any brand car), but I’d love to at least see it just for steering wheels and cars with matching brands.
    1. Alieu
      Author's Response
      I believe it'd be possible. I'll look into it
  2. carsmin
    Version: 1.0
    omg aliu mod 11/2
  3. justbruh
    Version: 1.0 B)
  4. Botanimus
    Version: 1.0
    we needed this
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