amphibious Rescue truck 1.3

it´s a truck for land and water

  1. volltreffer1
    the Controls for water are:

    G: Forward
    T: Left
    Z: Right (American Keyboard: Y)

    i hope you like my truck and you have some fun with it :)


    Photo7.png Photo8.png Photo9.png

    screenshot_2021-06-15_04-08-23.png screenshot_2021-06-15_04-29-26.png screenshot_2021-06-15_04-29-32.png screenshot_2021-06-15_04-29-37.png screenshot_2021-06-15_04-30-03.png screenshot_2021-06-15_04-30-16.png screenshot_2021-06-15_04-30-24.png screenshot_2021-06-15_13-41-18.png

Recent Updates

  1. Added AWD
  2. lager wheels
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