Anarchy, A-V-A 2.15

Twin charged Waterproof Futuristic Hypercar with AWD/RWD capabilities.

  1. Halcyon80
    The A-V-A, the next generation of motorsport racing.

    Just Imagine a world where you can have underwater races like in arcade games, in real life. This vehicle is another step towards that awesome goal.
    Constructed with pinpoint precision and bleeding-edge technology, It brings out the true power of the combustion engine.
    Utilizing a advanced twin charged system, It has both a centrifugal supercharger and two advanced turbochargers to bring out the absolute most of it's small V10 engine while still getting great fuel efficiency.
    With a low-drag, sleek exterior, aswell as a fighter-cockpit interior, you'll feel like you're in the future, not to mention it actually sounds like a fighter jet too... It also has newly formulated full-slicks, for maximum grip. Oh yeah, and those two bright orange panels are blinkers, pretty cool right?!
    And finally, the Advanced Delta Drive system. Usually, mid engined cars don't have the option of switching between AWD and RWD, but this time you can! With a simple flip of a switch, you can go from the overwhelming power of the AWD system, to a more subtle, though more responsive handling RWD system. Just beware of any wheelspin you might not remember to calculate while doing so...
    What happened to the old A-V-A model you ask?? Well... Lets just say it had a shallow grave...
    Speaking of shallow graves, the A-V-A has a high-speed hydroponic oxygen-circulating conversion generator. In simpler terms, It's waterproof.​

    Ex Animo

    Detailed Stats:
    -First Person Camera Enabled-

    Engine: ICX 5.0

    2 litre Twincharged V10
    13,000 Rpm Redline
    1,090 Bhp @13,000Rpm
    450 lb-ft Torque @13,000Rpm
    28 Mpg

    Boost Stats:
    Twin-Hybrid Turbocharger PSI: 20
    Centrifugal Supercharger PSI: 24

    Mid-Engine Longitudinal
    10 Geared Advanced Dual Clutch Transmission

    Select-Drive Drivetrain:
    60/40 Power Split AWD

    276 Mph Top Speed (444 Kph)
    0-62: 1.9 seconds (AWD)
    3 seconds (RWD)

    2,194 lbs/994 kg (Ingame Weight)
    ~4,400 lbs/2,000kg Downforce (Max Speed)
    62-0: ~75ft (Ingame)


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Recent Reviews

  1. MidNight 350
    MidNight 350
    Version: 2.15
    It's very beautiful
  2. Jakie Chun
    Jakie Chun
    Version: 1.0
    I abosolutely LOVE the back end of this thing, and it handles so well!
    1. Halcyon80
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