Anarchy, A-V-A 2.15

Twin charged Waterproof Futuristic Hypercar with AWD/RWD capabilities.

  1. Small Tune

    So I tried testing out a new AWD vectoring system (But BeamNG hates the awd transfer box, whoops) So I just improved the existing vectoring differentials.

    -Handling improvements and controllability
    -Two Step Launch Control
    -Better Esc Tuning
  2. Camera, Rev Limiter, and N2O Update

    Huge thanks to TheCrySick for making this update possible.

    This update includes-

    -Cry's Adjustable interior camera.
    -N2O System
    -Rev Limiter Removal (Engine can now slightly surpass it's recommended RPM)
  3. Complete Redesign

    Went back to the drawing board because I really hated the front and back end (It drove me insane).

    With a stronger focus on the main idea of the car, the redesign made it infinitely more sleek, with emphasis on the lighting fixtures and minimalistic design for the most part, also using the new rendering technique BeamNG added.

    Also revamped the entire system in which It ran on, this includes:
    -The engine, for less power
    -Completely retuned...
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