Anarchy, Ace RX-5 (Gold Edition) 2.0

An Hybrid-Turbocharged Supercar with 2 variants.

  1. Golden Revamp Carpack

    A complete redesign of the Ace, Improving both interior, and exterior quality, aswell as a more fun-based driving experience.

    -Major suspension and aero change

    -Remade the engine to give better fuel economy at the cost of less power (It was beyond terrible before)

    -Specifically redesigned hood and headlights to look similar to the Deity's (a different car).

    -Recolored paint from a eye burning red, to a semi-glossy grey with gold trim.

    -Made a Spyder...
  2. Tuning, Colors, and data update.

    Recalculated downforce amount and acceleration speed.
    Slightly increased power by 50 horsepower (from 950 to 1,000).
    Slightly modified engine sound.
    Renamed a few files, preventing system issues.
    Added choose able Colors: Zen blue, Cloud White, and Midnight black.
    Rewritten vehicle info and value.
  3. Pov Camera Addition

    Implemented a first person camera.
  4. General Tuning

    Eliminated power dip at 10,000 Rpm.
    Remapped Turbo.
    Adjusted brake bias.
    Lowered Suspension.
    Steering is much more responsive.
    Changed Vehicle pic.
    New top speed is 232 Mph.
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