Anarchy, Chaos 004X 1.65

World's First Open-wheeled Jet car... That can fly.

  1. Overall Quality Improvement

    -Fixed battery causing game to crash.

    -Made sure battery is preinstalled in car without any extra work.

    -Changed from Semi Slick to Full Slick Tires.

    -Moved exterior camera to a better position.
  2. Wheelwell Removal (Finally)

    I've finally learned how to use blender, so I removed the annoying wheelwell at last.
    Also removed front shock absorbers, to give a more clean look to the front end.
  3. Major System Revamp

    This Update focuses on many major aspects of the vehicle.

    -Reverted body type to 1.1, giving back many details at the price of ignorable wheel wells.

    -About doubled rocket power, exceeding the recommended max speed of 280mph quite easily.

    -Improved Hybrid system, switched jet key bind to Right Control key to allow control over the hybrid motor. Recommend switching key bind to preferred control type

    -Converted hybrid system to electric, added power, and...
  4. Residual Chassis Removal

    Managed to completely remove outer wheel wells, making it look identical to the pictures, though at the cost of the cockpit details (Seats, buttons steering wheel, etc).

    If you rather have the interior details but with the wheel wells, revert back to version 1.15
  5. Jet power Increase

    Slightly more powerful rocket, allowing faster acceleration.
  6. Hybrid Motor and Data Update

    Refined the previously deactivated "Motor".
    Officially introduced hybrid motor to assist 0-60 time by about 1 second.
    Motor cuts off at 62 mph.
    Motor begins at 3,500 Rpm
    Changed in-game Vehicle Data
    To connect motor to drivetrain, you must use Realistic gearbox mode (It is completely Optional).
  7. Further Brakes update

    Better Tuned Stability System, increasing turning acceleration and adding very gentle oversteer to take turns quicker.

    Increased rear brake power, and changed brake pad material.
  8. ABS Improvement

    Increased read speed from 50 to 500hz.
    Braking should be a lot less jittery now.
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