Anarchy, Diva WRX 1.0

Rally-Modified Sports Car

  1. Halcyon80
    The Diva has recently went through a few modifications, shortly after the Rocketkitty modified version, the scientists in the backroom thought the chassis would make for a great off-road vehicle.

    Turns out, Jerry was right.
    (For once)
    The first Off-Road car of Anarchy Motorsports, extensive research has been done to have it function excellently.
    Reliable, powerful, balanced, and VERY durable. All the necessary qualities of a true rally car. Improvements done include reduced weight, massive off-road tires, a huge height lift, retuned engine, and sponsors from several highly suspicious companies.
    May It take you to places no human has ever gone before.

    Ex Animo
    Detailed Stats:

    Engine: Hiro EFF
    601 Bhp @8,500Rpm
    401 lb-ft Torque @7,300Rpm
    Power-To-Weight Ratio: 0.421
    2.2 litre Turbocharged Inline 5
    8,600 Rpm Redline
    20 Psi Boost

    Mid-Engine Transverse RWD

    Transmission: 6 Geared Sequential

    177 Mph Top Speed (285 Kph)

    0-62: 3 seconds (Drag Asphalt)

    2,075 lbs (Unoccupied Weight)
    ~1,000 lbs Downforce (Max Speed)
    62-0: 100ft (Ingame)


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