Outdated Anarchy Neku Rocketkitty 2.0

Outdated Car moved to Ultimate Neku Carpack

  1. Halcyon80
    Outdated, Car has been moved to ULTIMATE NEKU CARPACK.

    It's back, and even lighter and aggressive than before (somehow)
    The Neku GT1 was created from 3 things, the Rocketkitty department, Random sponsors that decided to give us lots of money we didn't ask for, and Jimmy, who's getting paid to point at the car and say "that's heavy, take off".
    At the end of the day, the GT1 was formed, lighter than the Neku Mk3, and more powerful still. Only problem, is Jimmy accidently pointed at the ESC module, and so the car doesn't have any speed controller...
    Instead, that's where you, the driver, steps in! Sure it'll be a long rehabilitation, and many many lawsuits, but what really matters is that you'll have fun, and hopefully win a few races intact while you're at it.
    Precision and skill is required to drive this deathtrap, so a wheel or gamepad is highly advised.
    And remember! Anarchy Motorsports isn't liable for your own stupidity!

    Ex Animo
    Detailed Stats:
    464 Horsepower per Litre!
    Engine: Neka B4 (GT)
    464 Bhp @10,200Rpm
    242 lb-ft Torque @9,900Rpm
    Power-To-Weight Ratio: 0.660
    1 litre Twin Turbocharged Boxer 4
    12,000 Rpm Redline
    9,500-12,000 Rpm Powerband
    43.5 Psi Boost
    Rear-Engine Longitudinal RWD
    Transmission: 7 Geared Dual Clutch
    219 Mph Top Speed (352 Kph)
    0-62: 2.4 seconds
    955 lbs / 433 kg (Unoccupied Weight)
    ~1,200 lbs Downforce (Max Speed)
    62-0: 75ft (Ingame)

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  1. Jakie Chun
    Jakie Chun
    Version: 1.0
    Those side wings are thicc
    1. Halcyon80
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