Anarchy, Ultimate Neku Racecar Carpack 4.0

3 Variants of an Ultralight Racecar with high Power-to-liter engines.

  1. Halcyon80
    The Neku returns, but with an Family.

    Since it's last appearance, the several different Neku cars have been combined into one, easy to access package, containing both the Mk3 and GT1 variants of the car, aswell as the new WRX variant.

    All 3 of the car's weight is in the triple digits, coming in at less than 1,000 Lbs in automation, it makes it about half the weight of an lotus Elise. Though many features had to be sacrificed (mainly a roll cage) to make this possible. To add, the Neku's all contain a certain version of ultra-high power-to-liter engines, the most size efficient in the world. All of them also include fully detailed interiors, just incase you take advantage of the First-person cameras.

    The Mk3:
    The Mk3 is the closest to street legal of all 3 variants, with carefully tuned suspension and internals, it can leave many million dollar Hypercars in the dust, It is the original Neku design, improved over 3 generations of Improvements and breakthroughs.

    The GT1:
    The Gt1 is the modified Rocketkitty version of the original, improving on both handling and power, aswell as weight. Built to compete in pro-league racing. Complete with a racing livery and an curiously absent ESC module (Cough Jimmy's fault Cough) is BY FAR the hardest of the 3 to drive, and perhaps one of the hardest cars to drive in the world. That being said, if you tame this deathtrap, you'll become unbeatable. (An Controller is suggested)

    The WRX:
    The latest model, the WRX is an off-road rally car. Tuned with soft suspension to ride over bumps with ease and tackle the trail head-on, and an custom-reinforced chassis to withstand beatings and crashes, it's the safest model, and the slowest, on the track, though will do excellently on jumps and off road.

    Absolutely wild, deadly, and pretty unwise to drive any of these, Remember, Anarchy Motorsports is not liable for death or injury occurring in any of these products.

    Ex Animo

    *All engines 450+ Horsepower per liter*
    *All cars are slightly heavier in Beam than Automation, reason=???*

    Detailed stats:

    Engine Name: Nezikai T4
    417 Bhp @10,000Rpm
    259 lb-ft Torque @7,600Rpm
    Power-To-Weight Ratio: 0.577
    0.9 litre Turbocharged Inline 3
    10,500 Rpm Redline
    7,000 - 10,500 Rpm Powerband
    43.5 Psi Boost

    Rear-Engine Longitudinal RWD
    Electric Diff
    Semi Slicks

    Transmission: 7 Gear Sequential
    Weight Distribution: 63R/37F
    MPG: 17

    203 Mph Top Speed (326 Kph)
    0-62: 2.0 seconds

    988 lbs / 448 kg (Unoccupied Weight)
    1,500 lb Downforce (Max Speed)
    62-0: 80ft (Ingame)

    Engine: Neka B4 (GT)
    464 Bhp @10,200Rpm
    242 lb-ft Torque @9,900Rpm
    Power-To-Weight Ratio: 0.660
    1 litre Twin Turbocharged Boxer 4
    12,000 Rpm Redline
    9,500-12,000 Rpm Powerband
    43.5 Psi Boost

    Rear-Engine Longitudinal RWD
    Electric Diff

    Transmission: 7 Geared Dual Clutch
    Weight Distribution: 61R/39F
    MPG: 17

    219 Mph Top Speed (352 Kph)
    0-62: 2.2 seconds (With Throttle Control)

    955 lbs / 433 kg (Unoccupied Weight)
    ~1,200 lbs Downforce (Max Speed)
    62-0: 75ft (Ingame)

    Engine: Neka B4 (GT)
    (Same Engine as GT1)

    Power-To-Weight Ratio: 0.635
    Rear-Engine Longitudinal RWD
    Manual Locker Diff
    Off-road Compound

    Transmission: 6 Geared Sequential
    Weight Distribution: 61R/39F
    MPG: 14

    177 Mph Top Speed (285 Kph)
    0-62: 3.4 seconds (Asphalt)

    999 lbs / 453 kg (Unoccupied Weight)
    ~600 lbs Downforce (Max Speed)
    62-0: 100ft (Ingame)


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Recent Reviews

  1. Jakie Chun
    Jakie Chun
    Version: 4.0
    These are one of my favorite cars you've made. It's so agile yet fast, even with the low horsepower! And the aesthetic is well made and so realistic.
    1. Halcyon80
      Author's Response
      Thanks! I worked hard to achieve that effect ;)
  2. Shadowfast
    Version: 1.5
    I'm not particularly into supercars and cars which have all sliders all the way up. It's just not realistic for me and I don't even bother trying them. Having said that, this thing is FUN. Got to give it to you that this thing has been well put together. The rear of the car is working really well (you clever lunatic). The engine is lightweight and the high revving and powerband reflects the character of the car. Love it dude. Well done.
  3. Jakie Chun
    Jakie Chun
    Version: 1.3
    Feels light and drives like a dream!
    1. Halcyon80
      Author's Response
      Good! Thats what I was aiming for XD
  4. TheCrySick
    Version: 1.0
    Hi! :)
    I was intrigued by your profile picture, so I have looked to your cars :P

    While your other cars are too powerful in my opinion (my favorite range of power is 400-600hp), I have really enjoyed this Lotus-like car! Your cars look cool, I like your design style, and this one makes no exception. This little car is extremely twitchy to drive, the grip is good, and the brakes are amazing. I have only on thing to say about the tuning of your car: I think your wheels are too wide. Try to stay under 300mm, it will make your cars more agile, especially at low speed, but it’s only a suggestion ;)

    For the aesthetic, there is two things that looks kinda strange for me:
    - I’m not a big fan of the carbon fiber texture of the wheels, I think it will look better if you paint them using the plastic texture
    - The exhaust position looks cool, but it send the backfires on the carbon fiber wing. If it was a real car, in the best case, the wing will be cut in half, in the worst case, the car will catch fire x)

    That’s all I have to say, this car is really cool :)
    1. Halcyon80
      Author's Response
      Thanks! I'll be sure to change the wheels and exhaust.
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