Apex Expansion Pack 0.2.3

The Spiritual Successor of DPMP.

  1. Update 0.2.1: "Italian duties"

    Apex Expansion Pack 0.2.1: "Italian duties"

    This update celebrates the launch of the Italy map with 4 vehicles inspired by Italian police and public transport:

    Wentward DT40L Gruppo Trasporti Norte
    Based on the Highway version, it also features a European rear license plate that was not featured in the stock bus
    ETK 854td Italian Taxi
    Basic config based on the German station wagon, it contains a European taxi sign
    ETK 2400i Carabinieri
    Inspired by old Carabinieri cars like the Alfa Romeo 75 and 155, it's slightly tuned for better performance in comparison to the stock 2400ti
    Hirochi SBR4 Polizia
    In Italy, the cars used in high-speed chases are called "Pantera", this car is inspired by the Lamborghinis used by Italian Police, it's based on the RWD SBR4 TTS

    This update contains also:
    • 4 skins, one for each configuration of the update
    • Light Bars for SBR4 and ETK I-Series updated from DPMP
    • Taxi sign for ETK 800-Series updated from DPMP
    • European rear license plate for the DT40L
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