Apex Expansion Pack

The Spiritual Successor of DPMP.

  1. Update File name fix

    File name is fixed
  2. Update Material fix for the V10 Engine

    Engine is no more shown all white
  3. Update 0.2.4: "Jumping through hotfixes"

    Mod updated to latest update, three new configs were added:
    ETK 2400i Polizei
    Gavril D15 Baja
    Gavril D15 Belasco 400 Pace Track

    A lot of fixes were made on this mod:
    • Fully updated the performance stats for all the configs
    • i-TEC engine completely remade based on the Honda B16B engine
    • V10 engine fixed up to the latest update
    • Various work done to skins to work better with new models
    • Split...
  4. Update 0.2.3: "Reality Fixes"

    Update of the mod to be compatible with the latest update. I added some new configs:
    Gavril D10 Roadsport AWD
    Gavril Roamer V10 Overland LXT

    A set of fixes were made on the mod, all the configs seen so far have now reached completion stage, now I'll move into new vehicles for next updates:
    • Fixed missing interior from Spark Sports Covets
    • Fixed gear ratios of all i-TEC Covet configurations
    • Updated Spark Sports Covet...
  5. Update 0.2.2: "1 Year Anniversary"

    Apex Expansion Pack 0.2.2: "1 Year Anniversary"

    This update marks the 1 year anniversary of the mod, it updates everything to the latest game update and adds some stuff, it contains 9 new configs based on existing ones:

    Ibishu Covet 2.0 i-TEC R-Type OKUDAI Package
    Gavril D15 V10 Sport Extended Cab
    Gavril D15 V10 Sport Crew Cab
    Gavril D15 V10 Supercharged Extended Cab...
  6. Update 0.2.1: "Italian duties"

    Apex Expansion Pack 0.2.1: "Italian duties"

    This update celebrates the launch of the Italy map with 4 vehicles inspired by Italian police and public transport:

    Wentward DT40L Gruppo Trasporti Norte
    Based on the Highway version, it also features a European rear license plate that was not featured in the stock bus
    ETK 854td Italian Taxi
    Basic config based on the German station wagon, it contains a European taxi sign
    AEP_taxi_ita.png ...
  7. Hotfix "i-TEC gauges fix and general chassis tuning"

    Minor hotfix: the Bolide 390 GTR Rally (Tarmac) now has the official Volitalia livery, the configs were updated here and there: gauges for i-TEC Covets fixed, added race seats to some cars and tuned suspensions parameters of rally bolide in both tarmac and gravel spec.
    Happy new year to everyone
  8. Update 0.2.0: "High Revs"

    Apex Expansion Pack 0.2.0: "High Revs"

    This update features another comeback, HR-Tec has become i-TEC, in order to give continuity between mine and Ninetynine mods, this update contains 4 new configs:

    Ibishu Covet 2.0 i-TEC R-Type:
    Stock Covet with a 180 HP engine, maximum revs set to 9000 RPM
    Ibishu Covet 2.0 i-TEC Spark Sports:
    Tuned road Covet, 225 HP engine screaming up to 11000 rpm, inspired by Spoon Sports
    AEP_Spark.png ...
  9. Hotfix : "V10 Headers Material Fix"

    Small hotfix: Fixed V10 Headers material
  10. Update 0.1.2 : "The Owl is back!"

    Apex Expansion Pack 0.1.2: "The Owl Is Back"

    In this small update two new configs are added, one is the good old rally Civetta featured in the DPMP, the other is the same config but in tarmac spec

    Civetta Bolide 390 GTR Rally - Gravel:
    A Bolide inspired by the 037 Olio Fiat, rally suspensions, mudflaps, roll cage, auxiliary lights and lightweight doors are added. This config has gravel tires and an higher ground clearance
    Civetta Bolide 390 GTR...
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