Experimental Arcade-Simulator Style Nitrous Boost 1.5.1

You press a button, exhaust goes explod and you go slightly faster.

  1. Fix

    - Fixed bug where the mod would lead to a system crash (at least for me) via a lua exception
  2. Settings

    - Added Settings app:
    Defaults are 50 and 250.​
  3. QoL changes, optimisation

    - Optimized code a bit
    - Made boost stop when braking
    - Smoothed boost force
  4. Support for 3-wheeled vehicles, all T-Series variants

    - Added support for 3-wheeled vehicles (either one front wheel or one back wheel)
    - Added support for T65, T75 T-Series variants
    - Thrust force is now dependent of the vehicle's weight, rather than a set value
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