Arcanox Core 5.0.1

Core libraries for Arcanox's other mods to use

  1. Arcanox
    Note: This mod, as of version 5.0.0, supports BeamNG game versions up through 0.23. Future game versions may work, but may experience issues until I am able to update this mod for those future versions.

    This mod contains some core utilities (such as Lua scripts) for Arcanox's other mods to use. Bundling them all together into this one mod allows for me to update scripts such as the hybrid system without needing to release updates for the other mods that use them, and also makes it easier for other people to use the hybrid system in their own mods without risking breaking my own.

    This mod also contains three UI apps for use with Arcanox's hybrid system:
    • A hybrid dashboard app showing the current state of the hybrid battery, the power going into/out of the battery, and a few other various bits of information about the hybrid system
    • A debug app showing a plethora of debug values used by the hybrid system
    • An app which allows adjusting specific parameters on some of the included powertrain devices (if debug mode is enabled) without needing to reset or respawn a vehicle (for advanced users/developers).


    1. app.png
    2. version3_preview.png

Recent Reviews

  1. quinn williams
    quinn williams
    Version: 5.0.1
    its a good mod but currently it keeps saying "engine has failed; propulsion power reduced " can you fix this
  2. Scirocco
    Version: 5.0.1
    awesome hybrid powertrain indicators !
  3. mimifelix
    Version: 5.0.1
    DISCLAIMER:Does not work on 0.24 (mod not detected on this version)
  4. blaz macuh
    blaz macuh
    Version: 5.0.0
    amazing but, i put the RAR file in my MODS folder and restarted the game and it still woooont woooorkkkkk :(((((
  5. Nick Semenov
    Nick Semenov
    Version: 5.0.0
  6. yukkuri__aoba
    Version: 5.0.0
    It's great, but in my environment.
    Arcanox Debug is not working in my environment.
    Other than that, it seems to be working fine.
    (Machine translation)
  7. default0.0player
    Version: 5.0.0
  8. Gsonz
    Version: 4.1.0
    The UI App doesn't work, otherwise the mod works well. It looks like the project is dead since there is no activity since December 20.
  9. Greeniac
    Version: 4.1.0
    The ETK And The Bus Works Good, But The App Doesnt Work
  10. The Golden Jet
    The Golden Jet
    Version: 4.1.0
    I'm using the most recent BeamNG version. When I'm using Hybrid Citybus and ETK800 hybrid mods, Hybrid gauges and other debug UI elements is not working. I'm not sure if I did something wrong but I would be so happy if you can help me. Thanks!
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