Arcanox Core 5.0.1

Core libraries for Arcanox's other mods to use

  1. Big update - 0.23 fixes and lots of improvements!

    New Features
    • Added a "Brake Hold" function that vehicles can add, which includes automatic brake hold for "hill starts" (to prevent rollback), as well as a driver-toggleable function (activated by a configurable keybind) to hold the brakes any time the vehicle is stopped until the accelerator pedal is depressed.
    • Hybrid UI app now shows "propulsion power" instead of "battery drain/charge power" on the right-most meter. Now, "0" on the meter means "absolutely no acceleration or deceleration", and values on either side are proportional to vehicle acceleration or deceleration. Power flow into and out of the battery is indicated by a new indicator over the battery gauge.
    • Added an "eco power" threshold indicator to the UI app over the "power meter"; this typically corresponds to the point where the engine will kick in when it's off if the driver accelerates beyond that threshold.
    • Added a new "quick-tuning" app to change vehicle parameters without needing to reload/respawn, which is intended for development use by people with the know-how to modify Lua code and get into the nitty-gritty of vehicle powertrains. Currently not useful for anyone but myself, unless you're brave ;)

    Bug Fixes/Improvements
    • Fix bugs/crashes that the 0.23 game update was causing in the hybrid and UI code.
    • Improve Traction Control behavior for hybrid vehicles; should now be possible to drive off rollers with both forward and reverse driving for vehicles with TC.
    • Reduced oscillation in a number of areas of the hybrid drivetrain.
    • Fixed a crash when attempting to load vehicles without an engine device (EV-only vehicles).
    • Fixed a bug that would cause the Rear Motor on AWD hybrid vehicles to potentially keep producing torque in Neutral or Park, or to produce torque in the wrong direction in Reverse.
    • Improve RPM/throttle control of engine in hybrid vehicles to feel more connected with the accelerator pedal and yield much better fuel economy.
    • Major improvements to general "smoothness" and "drive quality" in hybrid drivetrain, including smoother engine starts/stops, better torque distribution, and better utilization of the available battery power.
    • Sound-related logic is now tied to the eCVT gearbox device, and not the hybrid powertrain controller. Hypothetically speaking, the eCVT can be used with a *different* controller, so long as that controller could give it the proper inputs/commands, and the sounds will remain the same.

    Technical Changes
    • Moved a lot of control logic for to the hybrid powertrain to the 100 Hz "fixed-step update" loop instead of the "graphics update" loop, which means the hybrid system should work much better on systems with poor graphics performance/low framerate (even works better on systems that have high framerate).
    • Greatly improved performance of debug-related code so it is not likely to impact the game's Lua code or the UI performance.
    • Re-organized a good amount of Lua code including adding code documentation in a lot of places so that it's easier to navigate and understand.
    • Moved a great deal of logic into Lua Extensions instead of relying on vehicle controllers everywhere. Should eventually help make it easier to add hybrid systems to other vehicles.
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