Arcanox Core 5.0.0

Core libraries for Arcanox's other mods to use

  1. Big update - 0.23 fixes and lots of improvements!

    New Features
    • Added a "Brake Hold" function that vehicles can add, which includes automatic brake hold for "hill starts" (to prevent rollback), as well as a driver-toggleable function (activated by a configurable keybind) to hold the brakes any time the vehicle is stopped until the accelerator pedal is depressed.
    • Hybrid UI app now shows "propulsion power" instead of "battery drain/charge power" on the right-most meter. Now, "0" on the meter means "absolutely no...
  2. Fixes for 0.21

    • Fix script issues for 0.21
    • Improve general engine startup and and efficiency for all hybrid vehicles
    • Fix a bug on AWD vehicles causing rear motor to fight rest of drivetrain (applying torque in the wrong direction) in some instances
  3. Add Hybrid system core libraries to this mod

    This update turns the "Hybrid UI Apps" mod into a core mod for my other Hybrid mods to utilize. All hybrid system code has been moved into this shared mod so that I can update it once without necessarily needing to release updates to the other mods.

    This also allows other people to list this mod as a dependency of their own third-party hybrid mods without needing to ship copies of my hybrid system with their own mod (which always ends up causing issues).
  4. Fix background of UI app

    This update is a small fix that makes the entire UI app, including the background, go invisible if a hybrid vehicle is not loaded.
  5. Big update for new hybrid system!

    This new version of the UI apps mod accommodates some new changes to the hybrid system, as well as adding the following:
    • "Mode" display, which shows if the vehicle is off, or if it is in "Normal" or "EV" mode ("EV" here referring to 100% electric mode with no engine assist)
    • "EV" icon, which lights up when the vehicle is driving on battery power (regardless of if it's actually in EV mode, or if it's in Normal mode and the engine is simply off)
    • "Ready" indicator, which...
  6. Improved Hybrid UI

    This update improves the appearance and behavior of the hybrid and debug UIs. The hybrid battery level (both the visual bar as well as the text) now reflects the "relative state of charge", meaning "0%" is "the minimum working battery level" but not actually a "fully depleted battery", and likewise with 100%. To see the exact/raw state-of-charge of the battery, use the Arcanox Debug app.
  7. Various minor improvements

    - Various improvements to debug and hybrid UI apps
  8. eCVT Debug App

    I discovered a need to visually see the gears being simulated in the eCVT hybrid transmission I wrote, so I made a very basic eCVT Debug app to show them. Don't expect the gears to line up; they just rotate at the correct proportions (but scaled down).
  9. Add debug UI app for hybrid system

    In the latest update to my ETK800 and Citybus Hybrid mods, I changed how debug information is presented. Seeing the inner-workings of the hybrid system no longer requires unpacking/changing the mod, as the debug information is exposed to a new UI app in this mod called "Hybrid Debug". A large number of internal values will be shown in a table when this app is added.
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