Experimental Aresto RTR-08 1.0

Modern muscle car

  1. fish341
    Muscle car lately is a term used on any American Sport car, even if they are just some "Sporty Dull with big fenders cars", Today I present you the Authentic Muscle Car, The Aresto RTR-08, with an 8L Twin turbo V8, It is capable of 1600 Hp, connected to a short drivetrain, you have the power and torque to burn all the rubber you want. Photo18_1920-1080.png


    1. Photo24_1920-1080.png
    2. Photo25_1920-1080.png
    3. Photo26_1920-1080.png
    4. Photo27_1920-1080.png
    5. Photo28_1920-1080.png
    6. Photo29_1920-1080.png
    7. Photo30_1920-1080.png
    8. Photo31_1920-1080.png
    9. Photo32_1920-1080.png
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