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Armoured Sunburst 1.14

This vehicle is essentially a Sunburst with several modifications similar to the BarstO'Death.

  1. Big Changes

    The Shotty
    Hopefully the last few updates will combine (hopefully)
    if not then this update just fixes the weight
    (no pictures to show cause there's nothing to show really unless you like staring at JBEAM files)
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  2. Ute Compatibility

    The Shotty
    Adds compatibility for the Sunburst Ute mod
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  3. Dynamic reflections

    The Shotty
    fixes dynamic reflections bug
    SodaWolf likes this.
  4. Glass

    The Shotty
    Fixes front glass so it doesn't conflict with Taza's Trailblazer mod:
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  5. mesh glitches

    The Shotty
    fixed mesh glitches
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  6. rear window

    The Shotty
    adds more plating to rear windows
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