Beta Arrow Sonic 2.0

I made this car with a little help from a friend.

  1. SpinStudios
    Hey! I have not done a car on Automation for some time ... but here I am again with a new car! It is much more powerful, and still, it is only the BETA! The power of this formidable racing car is over 1050hp ! She can go at a speed of 250 mph, or 402 km/h! I hope you like this car :)


    1. BeamNGdriveScreenshot20181013-13245942.png
    2. BeamNGdriveScreenshot20181013-14094737.png
    3. BeamNGdriveScreenshot20181013-14333475.png
    4. BeamNGdriveScreenshot20181013-14374242.png
    5. BeamNGdriveScreenshot20181013-14411394.png
    6. BeamNGdriveScreenshot20181013-14450365.png

Recent Updates

  1. 1050 hp to 1250 hp

Recent Reviews

  1. umustbeloggedintododat
    Version: 2.0
    Blue = Go Fast and get rings.
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