Arsenic Electric Motors 1.9.1

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  1. What's this? An update? Oh my!

    • Added a lightweight 50KWh battery (saving 330 pounds or so)
    • Updated all config performance info (well, minus power to weight ratio because brain don't work so good)
    • Changed Arsenic E color to Orange Sanguine to distinguish it a bit more
    • Updated all stock config thumbnails, and now the street-car variants have the plates display "RSNIC E" and "RSNIC X" to make them at least a little more distinguishable
    • Changed the race config to use regular Arsenic motors because I felt...
  2. unbrokedededed

    • .20 fix until an update breaks it again
  3. ECU name change

    • Fixed ArsenicX motors' ECU name so that it's not just Arsenic
  4. .19.1 un-oofing

    • Unborked it after the .19.1 update
  5. MOAR sped

    • Fixed front final drive name
    • Added rear motor ECU
    • Added LSD/welded diffs
    • Added ArsenicX motors/ECUs/speed limiters*
    • Updated "standard" config
    • Added ArsenicX config
    • Added ArsenicX race config

    *NOTE: The speed limiters are kinda wonky in the AWD setup. If you're using both motors, you MUST change the limiter using the rear motor, not the front. Changing it from the front doesn't work, and you can't have...
  6. Many goodies

    • Added config/custom vehicle info
    • Added more RPM for higher top speed
    • Added custom diff ratios for higher top speed
    • Added more power for to compensate for gearing, actually get it to accelerate more in line with a performance EV, and also top speed
    • Added speed limiter slots to ECU, increased top speed of default as well as adding a speed limiter delete
    • Some other thing I can't remember
    • How many times can one person put top speed in an update?
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