Aston martin pack 1.0

some beautiful grand tourers

  1. Fast1029384756J
    Now the aston martin pack, it features several aston martins. too many to put here so i'll just let you see. now the pictures, didn't do all the cars but this should give you an idea

    how to download:
    1: download the zip folder, it has the files in it
    2: put it in the mods folder
    3: extract the folder
    4: take the zip files for the cars out of the folder and put it in the mods folder
    5: delete all aston martin pack folders


    1. zagato.png
    2. virage.png
    3. vantage.png
    4. vanquish.png
    5. v12vantage.png
    6. race.png
    7. gt12.png
    8. dbss.png
    9. classics.png

Recent Reviews

  1. nowysen
    Version: 1.0
    If I'm honest, this is terrible, even for an Automation mod.
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