A fictional island in the North Atlantic ocean featuring three towns and some infamous myths.

  1. arnok19
    ABOUT (ℹ):
    Atlanto is an fictional island in the North Atlantic Ocean. The island features three towns which are Atlanto (the main town), Tuscon Heights and Harleem.
    • ATLANTO - The main town has it's name after the island. The thriving Atlanto saw successful days when suddenly half of the population left the town and migrated to other countries like USA and Europe and other half of the population stayed on the island but in the neighborhood towns. The remaining 60 people left Atlanto to live a new life in new country and thus Atlanto became a hotspot for the vandalizers who destroyed the city by painting graffiti all over the place. At some part, major damages were done. The city is now left to rot.
    • TUSCON HEIGHTS - A small town in northeast has moderate amount of houses and villas where people live happily either retired or enjoying life in lazy way. On the other side, grocery stores, gas station and shops are present, a little away from the residential area.
    • HARLEEM - Harleem town is connected to the main road which leads to Atlanto(the main town). It has many houses to live and nearby a small beach where residents enjoy their day. Some amount of people who left Atlanto live here, clandestinely.

    • GLOWING CROSS IN ATLANTO - Since the half of the population abandoning the town; stranger things started to happen. The church where people used to find peace and spirituality now serves the purpose of horror. The cross atop the church glows in the dark. Nobody knows why?
    • ATLANTO CHURCH BELL - The remaining 60 people who used to live in the main town Atlanto finally decided to bid farewell to their hometown and departed to East Coast. The church where cross used to glow in the night time; now also rings bells after every 15 mins.
    • BLOOD POND - Hidden deep in the forest, some people witnessed the blood pond's light when going through the road in the midnight. There is a conspiracy that whoever tries to find the blood pond gets killed by a mysterious figure.
    • WITCH- The dirt road which leads to the sawmill in the north passes from the crack house. The witch stays in the crack house and is believed that the road after the crack house is extremely bumpy and is done so by the witch herself to make the cars tumble when they are trying to escape in speed. Two persons were killed and their bodies were never found.
    • HONKING GHOST CAR - The car which used to honk continuously till this date has now disappeared. Some people spotted the car, but before they could do anything, it vanished like a breeze. Rumors are spreading that the honking ghost car spans the roads of Atlanto at midnight in search of his owner and whoever tries to destroy the car gets cursed. The ghost car is nowhere to be seen in daytime.
    • HAUNTED MANOR - The Harleem town's infamous Haunted Manor now doesn't like unexpected visitors at it's doorsteps. You'll be dead in no time.
    • STRANGE FOREST SOUNDS - Unexplained
    [Myths which were previously mentioned were reported as hoax by the authorities. Do not believe on the posts of the busted myths on social media!]

    • Wastegrounds Loop: A very simple and basic loop within the wastegrounds located in Atlanto (main town). Select any car you like and complete the given laps.
    • Ramp Up!: Nothing special. Just you need to make a jump from a ramp nearby a tourist centre on the hill and score much damage points as possible to achieve a gold medal.
    • Atlanto Dirt Sprint: Two Ibishu Covets including you should reach the finish line with a hunger for first position.
    • The E Tour: A special scenario which takes place at the nighttime. Take your Hirochi eSBR on a chilling ride around the map in this 2 laps circuit. You concentrate on your driving; ignore the sounds coming from the forest and don't wreck yourself 'cause of that! Also, don't worry. We have sent ghost car away for a while.
    screenshot_2019-12-23_13-28-08.png screenshot_2019-12-23_13-29-31.png screenshot_2019-12-23_13-31-29.png screenshot_2019-12-23_13-32-49.png screenshot_2019-12-23_13-35-31.png screenshot_2019-12-23_13-39-05.png screenshot_2019-12-23_13-45-02.png screenshot_2019-12-23_13-47-05.png screenshot_2019-12-23_13-52-09.png screenshot_2019-12-23_13-53-53.png screenshot_2019-12-23_13-54-19.png
    Videos by Neilogical

    Videos by CamodoGaming

    Video by WhyBeAre

    Videos by @That Guy1

    @kicars7 - sensible backstory for the ghost car.
    @EnjoyMyHItsYT - idea of the ghost car.
    @Gamergull - complex ghost car coding.

    @Occam's Razer - allowed me to use his Garfield Heights map assets.

    Discussion thread to report your issues:


Recent Updates

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  3. Return to Atlanto!

Recent Reviews

  1. Ronziepie
    It crashes sometimes but turning off refections and antialiasing helps
  2. scary drive
    scary drive
    love this map ghost car really creepy
  3. SpicyTempura
    Ways to kill the ghost car:

  4. DoritoPowahhhh
    I have slayed the ghost car with a machine gunned Bolide, sure gave a challenge hehehe
  5. Divepunk
    Well I had another review and this was a second one I like this mod so much. Sadly it seems posting this one deleted my other one? IDK exactly. Tho I guess whatever the case. . . Here is a review!

    Creepy sounds you can hear going around even in the day they're just a bit more succinct, uncommon, and perhaps more depending on your location(including a certain spawn point). Makes the map freaky a bit even at 10 in the morning.

    The other thing that actually prompted this review is:
    I was driving in My custom Hopper Crawler on 40's with a 360C.I. I6 Diesel(only 295hp, but over 800lb/ft tq), drove around for maybe 45 mins with no resetting. Came in contact with the Ghost-car several times with no dmg to the Hopper(It's fairly durable).

    Then I'm going down a fairly straight road. Suddenly the Ghost-car pulls next to me at like 40-50mph. I gun it only to hear it's engine ramp up and a downshift. At this point I'm like "oh sh*t it just gunned it when I took off!!" So I'm flying at over 100mph b4 I realize I might be coming up on a curve at much speed (THIS HAPPENED IN THE AREA THAT TURNS RED BTW).

    I slam the brakes slow down, I think I had just barely let off of going about 40-50mph again, and BAM!!! Ghost-car jams into me still going at least 80-90mph bends my right rear wheel. So I use my repair mod to get a bit of a fix. Seems like that only pissed off Ghost-car.

    I'm back driving again pulls to the right a bit now tho. I get 'er up to about 50mph or so. Next thing I know Ghost-car appears in front and side swipes me unexpectedly I wind up veering off into trees and wrecking half my front suspension.

    That Ghost-car seems the have the best damn AI in BeamNG I've seen.
    If I'm not mistaken that actually where racing me and coming after me all spontaneously and dynamically more realistically then I've ever seen in game.

    Police AI could learn from Ghost-car.

    I know the review is long, though been years since I've had so much fun on one map. I usually just modify cars and smash them into one another or test a vehicle around a track or 4x4ing. But this map even area's I've been over and over I just keep going. Set the time to 00:00 and have a Chilling blast

    10/5 stars
  6. AmtrakSurflinerF59-PHI
    The only horror map and the best! I really like horror themes. I hope to see more in the future. Great job!
  7. geobeck
    I didn't expect to like this map as much as I do. An erroneous size description of 256 m led me to think this was a tiny map, but it's actually 2048 m.

    Despite not having the cross-country free-roaming potential I usually like, everything in this map just fits. The paved roads have great curves and hills. The gravel roads are laid out in a way that makes them a lot of fun, and very drivable. I grew up in an area with lots of backroads, so that aspect of this map feels a lot like home.

    The ruins of days past add even more interest, making you wonder what happened to this island. And I haven't even touched the scenarios yet, although I did get a surprise when I explored the dirt track up to the old house!

    The only thing I'd add is a shoreline, maybe a couple of beaches, to make it more of an island and less of a sharply terminated map.
    1. arnok19
      Author's Response
      Thanks man. I really appreciate your words.
  8. CarlBot
    This map is crazy fun finding the out the real story. But it does get scary in points such as the Mansion, The Church bell that rings every 15 minutes 60 times, the witch's laugh from the crack house and the Car Honks from far. Here's a little hint of where his wreckage is. It's near a house with smoke particles. And yes I am the very first person to notice it.
    1. arnok19
      Author's Response
      Thank you. I'm glad you loved and enjoyed my map ;)
  9. ERF2004
    I got this map again in the spirit of Halloween and it's probably the most unique map mod I've played.
    1. arnok19
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the compliment :)
  10. LegamerdeAutomation17
    C'est une excellente map, je recommande
    1. arnok19
      Author's Response
      Je suis content que vous ayez apprécié ma carte. Je vous remercie :)
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