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A fictional island in the North Atlantic ocean featuring three towns and some infamous myths.

  1. arnok19


    ----------------------MAP HISTORY----------------------
    Atlanto is an fictional island in the North Atlantic Ocean. The island features three towns which are Atlanto (the main town), Tuscon Heights and Harleem.
    • ATLANTO - The island and the main town both have identical names.. don't be confused. The thriving Atlanto saw successful days when suddenly half of the population left the town and migrated to other countries like USA and Europe and other half of the population stayed on the island but in the neighborhood towns. The remaining 60 people left Atlanto to live a new life in new country and thus Atlanto became a hotspot for the vandalizers who destroyed the city by painting graffiti all over the place. At some part, major damages were done. The city is now left to rot.
    • TUSCON HEIGHTS - A small town in northeast has moderate amount of houses and villas where people live happily either retired or enjoying life in lazy way. On the other side, grocery stores, gas station and shops are present, a little away from the residential area.
    • HARLEEM - Harleem town is connected to the main road which leads to Atlanto(the main town). It has many houses to live and nearby a small beach where residents enjoy their day. Some amount of people who left Atlanto live here, clandestinely.

    • GLOWING CROSS IN ATLANTO - Since the half of the population abandoning the town; stranger things started to happen. The church where people used to find peace and spirituality now serves the purpose of horror. The cross atop the church glows in the dark. Nobody knows why?
    • ATLANTO CHURCH BELL - The remaining 60 people who used to live in the main town Atlanto finally decided to bid farewell to their hometown and departed to East Coast. The church where cross used to glow in the night time; now also rings bells after every 15 mins.
    • BLOOD POND - Hidden deep in the forest, some people witnessed the blood pond's light when going through the road in the midnight. There is a conspiracy that whoever tries to find the blood pond gets killed by a mysterious figure.
    • WITCH- The dirt road which leads to the sawmill in the north passes from the crack house. The witch stays in the crack house and is believed that the road after the crack house is extremely bumpy and is done so by the witch herself to make the cars tumble quickly when they are trying to escape in speed. Two persons were killed and their bodies were never found.
    • HONKING GHOST CAR - The car which used to honk continuously till this date has now disappeared. Some people spotted the car, but before they could do anything, it vanished like a breeze. Rumors are spreading that the honking ghost car spans the roads of Atlanto at midnight in search of his owner and whoever tries to destroy the car gets cursed. The ghost car is nowhere to be seen in daytime.
    • HAUNTED MANOR - The Harleem town's infamous Haunted Manor now doesn't like unexpected visitors at it's doorsteps. Now, whoever will try to go near the house will be thrown away up in the sky at high speed making them fall down later to their instant death.
    • FORGOTTEN CEMETERY - The cemetery is deteriorated and is claimed by trees and bushes.
    • STRANGE FOREST SOUNDS - Unexplained
    P.S.: There are 3 spots where you'll find barrel roll ramps. Explore the map, SPOT them and do a BARREL ROLL.

    @kicars7 - for giving a proper storyline to ghost car.
    @EnjoyMyHItsYT - for giving the ghost car idea.

    @Gamergull - for providing a custom stop sign, complex ghost car coding and testing my map.
    @Occam's Razer - For allowing me to use his Garfield Heights assets in my map.
    @arnok19 - The rest


    screenshot_2019-07-06_19-13-57.png screenshot_2019-07-06_19-14-41.png screenshot_2019-06-11_11-51-42.png screenshot_2019-06-08_23-22-54.png screenshot_2019-06-08_23-20-05.png screenshot_2019-06-09_13-36-53.png screenshot_2019-07-06_19-15-09.png screenshot_2019-07-06_19-18-48.png
    screenshot_2019-06-11_11-54-49.png screenshot_2019-07-06_19-20-16.png
    • Neilogical dons the GhostBusters car in order to bust out the myths. [Atlanto version 1.0]
    • Minerva likes Neilogical [Atlanto version 1.02.1]
    • CamodoGaming out there too! [Atlanto version 1.0]
    • CamodoGaming encounters Ghost car "Minerva" [Atlanto version 1.02]
    • THUNDERF430TV first one to reach Atlanto. [Atlanto version 1.1]


    Below image featuring @Stoat Muldoon 's Me262 flying above Atlanto.


    Discussion thread: https://www.beamng.com/threads/atlanto.61982/

    Alright. That's lot of information regarding my map and lots of typing there, hehe!. ENJOY ATLANTO!

Recent Updates

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  3. Atlanto Minor Update #3 (Final)

Recent Reviews

  1. GreenSeven
    *honking intensifies*
  2. Enot1k
  3. Mr_StickShift
    Version: 1.02.3
    Another Review - I do like this map, but now the addition police car and ghost car now cause .dds file issues with update
    1. arnok19
      Author's Response
      Yeah the update had caused some issue with the Grand Marshal's gauges textures. To fix it please refer the post from the thread I have posted.
  4. Microsoft_Sam
    Version: 1.02.3
    10/10 Driving around the area with a trusty Logitech G29 And then night time then i hear the honk honk and i step on the gas. i feel safe then i hear it again and WHAM!! I get hit by the back. i try to hide. BEEP BEEP! WHAM!!!
  5. liftr545344333
    Version: 1.02.3
    add more scary things in the car menu did you make that ghost car it looks nice
  6. silentstrike15
    Version: 1.02.3
    played at night. saw a car beeping behind me while I was driving. brake checked it. died. 11/10 would wreck again
    1. arnok19
  7. Chris Welsh
    Chris Welsh
    Version: 1.02.3
    Wow, i started driving in my automation road runner and heard "beep beep" i knew exactly what it was and pinned my peddle and didn't let off till i hit a tree, that was fun, you hear a horn start running for your life because that ghost car means business!!!!
    1. arnok19
  8. Twitch Axis
    Twitch Axis
    Version: 1.02.3
    Great map, a few minor things that need work, but like I said, awesome map.
    1. arnok19
      Author's Response
      Thanks Axis :)
  9. Valhallatchaboy
    Version: 1.02.3
    Fun map to drive in, with attention to detail. Noticed only two out of the five paranormal events, though i wager I have to set the time of day to midnight to see all of them.

    One thing I wanna complain about is the trees/bushes. Crash into one, and your car is stuck in it. bushes have hit boxes on their leaves so even brushing against one ruins your car/sticks it to said bush.
    1. arnok19
      Author's Response
      Your review is divided in two parts. In the first part, you reviewed about the map in your own words. That's fine. But, the second part though is weird as the trees/bushes hitboxes. The forest file is directly taken from the one of the stock BeamNG map as it is; so in short I have no control over it.
  10. daniel398767
    Version: 1.02.2
    I never thought a map on BeamNG could be so scary, until now.
    i love the aspect and idea of it and am willing to help with some stories or lore upon request, looking forward to hearing from you!
    1. arnok19
      Author's Response
      Thanks Daniel for showing your love on the map. The work on the storyline of the map has been stopped and more details will be given out in the upcoming "Book Of Atlanto". It will be downloadable PDF file from the thread once it's released.
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