A fictional island in the North Atlantic ocean featuring three towns and some infamous myths.

  1. Atlanto Minor Update #3 (Final)

    Minor Updates
    • This is it! The Atlanto has finally reached the end of the road in this update run. So, what does this ending final update includes?
    • New sounds added at Haunted Manor and two different locations of dense forest (I will not reveal anything, listen to the sound and guess for yourself. Note: Sounds are very low in volume; you may have to use your earphones)
    • Haunted Manor now gives you a very nasty surprise, this time seriously you need to stay away from this demon possessed house.
    • Ta, da. Atlanto Police Department at your service! Available already as configurations. Interesting fact is that I made them by myself after following the tutorial calmly and without felling bore. As it was my first try, I made police skins only for noticeable vehicles like Sunburst, Autobello and Grand Marshal.
    • More Easter Eggs! (This hints) :p
    That wraps it up for this update. Thank you for all the supporters who gave me wonderful ideas for this map and because of them, Atlanto is finally at the peak. Enjoy the update!
    P.S: If any bugs spotted, kindly let me know on the discussion thread.
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