A fictional island in the North Atlantic ocean featuring three towns and some infamous myths.

  1. Return to Atlanto!

    Hello there guys! It's good to be back to BeamNG after long 3 months of silence. This is "Return to Atlanto" update which brings new *you can say* enhancements or touches to the map and also something else.

    • Beautiful flowers.
    • Grass density slightly increased.
    • Grass wind turbulence value tweaked.
    • Pond waters value tweaked.New buildings in Tuscon Heights.
    • Road textures in Tuscon Heights changed.
    • Church bell audio restored to the original one.
    • The cross atop the church now glows in different color.
    • New refreshing thumbnails.
    • New Serenity Woods spawn point added.
    • Atlanto License Plate added.
    • Souls in the Forgotten Cemetery vanished.

    I would had released this update back in August but I got busy with my further studies. So please excuse me. If you need any help then go to the discussion thread and comment your query there. As usual, enjoy the update!
    Discussion thread link:
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