A fictional island in the North Atlantic ocean featuring three towns and some infamous myths.

  1. Atlanto Bug Fix #3

    • Ghost car pesky bug fixed.
    • Added reverb to the warehouse in Atlanto (the main town).
    • Added sounds near the Haunted manor.
    • Added vanish sound to the ghost car.
    • Removed Atlanto Drag race scenario.
  2. Atlanto Bug Fix #2

    • Ghost car no longer spawns during daylight time as well as in the in-game traffic when used.
    • When used to delete traffic vehicles; this happened to delete the ghost car too which forced the player to reload the map to retrieve it. Now, it's fixed.
    • Orange texture bug fixed near the Tuscon Heights forest.
  3. Return to Atlanto!

    Hello there guys! It's good to be back to BeamNG after long 3 months of silence. This is "Return to Atlanto" update which brings new *you can say* enhancements or touches to the map and also something else.

    • Beautiful flowers.
    • Grass density slightly increased.
    • Grass wind turbulence value tweaked.
    • Pond waters value tweaked.New buildings in Tuscon Heights.
    • Road textures in Tuscon Heights changed.
    • Church bell audio restored to the...
  4. Atlanto Bug Fix #1

    • Gavril Grand Marshal gauges texture of A.P.D.
    • Missing platform texture from the shopping store in Tuscon Heights beside the gas station. Now uses concrete texture.
    • When collided with ghost car. Our vehicle didn't get exploded even though it crossed the damage value. Now, ghost car code rewritten with few extra variables which enables it again.

    Likely broken

    • When approaching blood pond vicinity. It used to cover the screen with red color...
  5. Atlanto Minor Update #3 (Final)

    Minor Updates
    • This is it! The Atlanto has finally reached the end of the road in this update run. So, what does this ending final update includes?
    • New sounds added at Haunted Manor and two different locations of dense forest (I will not reveal anything, listen to the sound and guess for yourself. Note: Sounds are very low in volume; you may have to use your...
  6. Atlanto Minor Update #2

    Minor Updates
    • Grass density (maxElements) decreased from 1,00,000 to 55,000. Radius and dissolveRadius values tweaked a bit.
    • New spawn point thumbnails along with changed daytime with a little touch of fog.
    • Honking Ghost car's probability values tweaked.
    • Easter Egg. (Hint: she's an insane beauty on four wheels!)
    • Guard rail texture replaced with metalplates texture.
  7. Atlanto Minor Update #1

    • Honking Ghost Car's horn issue solved. Now, uses .wav audio file instead of using it's own horn because the GELua doesn't support it properly.
    Minor Update
    • Honking Ghost Car dons a new look with a ripped up body parts, jet black color tone, new wheel rims and a push bar.

    [Still finding out what is going on with the "guardrail" texture. Working on it.]

    P.S.: If you found any bugs;...
  8. Atlanto Update #2

    +New Myth
    • Atlanto Church Bell
    +Current Myths (Evolved)
    • Haunted Manor - Now, it will throw you up the sky at high rate of speed. No mercy!
    • Strange Forest Sounds - Even spookier; still remains unexplained!
    • Honking Ghost Car - Spans the map at night time. The car built itself by using the parts of the nearby derelicts. You've been warned, do not crash into the ghost car otherwise...
  9. Atlanto Update #1

    +Vegetation completed
    • Atlanto is now fully green, green island filled with trees and bushes..
    +New Myths
    • Forgotten cemetery and Two souls in Tuscon Heights.
    • Strange forest sounds.
    +Current Myths (Evolved)
    • Blood pond - The pond now starts inducing blood hallucinations whoever goes from the nearby road in the result making them go insane.
    • Haunted Manor - The haunted Manor is now extremely pissed off...
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