atoll 02 janvier 2020

an imaginary tropical island with a lot of roads.

  1. ahopefuldriver
    Version: 23-06-16
    I know its a WIP, so here's some thing I noticed that I have no idea how to fix: 1) There's a massive frame rate issue near the small houses next to the large suspension bride. 2) Some of the inclines and declines on the inner island trail seem to be too steep for vehicles without lifts AND major engine tuning. 3) I don't know if this is intentional but, there is close to no vegetation on the islands where there are no buildings. 4) This could just be me, but on some of the paved roadways a quarter of the road will have dirt particle effects even though the vehicle is clearly still on the road.

    Other than that, I really like this map! It's fun to drive and is a little relaxing compared to some others, so don't let these problems intimidate/overwhelm you!
    1. bobby_boulgat
      Author's Response
      but i'm overwhelm by frame rate problem. it's why it mess vegetations.
      2 i didn't notice. just test with the base 4x4
      4 it's intentional, i don't like to seen asphalt texture outside the road
  2. OakGecko
    Version: 23-06-16
    this is a fun map but has a major issue with frame rate. i normally have 150-200 fps but on this map i have 150 looking one way then look towards the bridge and it drops to 30-40.
  3. Inertia
    Version: 23-06-16
    Quite a good map, obviously WIP so many features aren't there but looks promising so far. I have found that some buildings kind of "suck" the car into them if you bump into them (tested with D15 Marauder).
  4. Firepower
    Version: 23-06-16
    The map is pretty good but there are some things to fix and especially a framerate issue when looking at the small houses next to the big bridge.
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