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atoll 26 mars 2020

an imaginary tropical island with a lot of roads.

  1. campaign fixing

    fixing of the campaign "love and coconuts", becoming also much easier than before,
    The race scenarios with opponents still doesn't work
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  2. the update because voilà

    fixing the campaigns, and some details (static objects collisions, sky and sea's colors, reflectivity of the distance trees, etc)
    I tried to repair the races scenarios with the ai, but they doesn't works well.
  3. 24 septembre 2017

    - improvements concerning the AI paths. Now, the AI can drive everywhere, pass the bridges, or follow the trail in the mountain if we limit his speed

    - quickraces/ timetrials:

    rally stages 1 to 6 ( previously the stages 1 to 4 was only playable in scenario mode )

    air race 1 and 2. ( it's like the redbull air races)

    - scenario : beach race

    - campaign AToll five-O ( in 4 steps. playable also in scenar mode )

    scenars love and coconuts removed, only playable in campaign...
  4. bugs correction

    -broken ground textures
    -campaign, quickraces, scenarios ( new lua file for the race with opponents (thanks to highdef )
    -missing midmap for the fence texture along the asphalt race track

  5. update of the 25 janvier 2017 -maybe the last-

    Main changes

    - improvement on LOD's trees. The fps is better

    - The most part of the 3d models are passed in Blender for remove all the elements not supported in the meshes. No textures not founded by the game. It keep the collisions remaining unchanged (always visible meshes)

    - I've removed the skybox. We don't see anymore the Cumulonimbus clouds on the horizon (i loved them :( ) but there is now a real cycle day/night, with a beautiful sun and moon. By defaut the cycle is off.

  6. MàJ du 28/10/16

    - a small update concerning the settings of the Lod and imposters

    - i've modified 2 or 3 details (cave, isolated small island)

    I hope to offer you correct Fps, this time. If your config is correct too, of course
  7. M.a.J du 12 novembre 2016

    - i've puted more trees ... maybe too much ( it depends of your config after all. On the mine, it's correct). Now we can consider the placement of the vegetation is finish.

    - several small paths in more

    - a bit of work on the grass / plants (ferns kind)

    - music

    - funny sponsor adds on the race tracks

    - i've modified some textures, simplified meshes, putted kickers, changed the ground texture under the roads, etc, etc, i don't remember of all since the last time...
  8. update du 9 octobre 2016

    - a bit more of trees and rocks
    - i've changed some details on the shape of the terrain
    - correction of missing textures
    - maybe other things i don't remember
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  9. update of the 21-09-16

    -more trees
    -more rocks
    -more decals ( white arrows on some intersections, potholes, gravels, etc)
    -a dirt circuit ( not finished )
    -correction of some bugs of some 3d models
    -a very narrow path lost in the vegetation, for a future scenario (not finished). Other paths will come later for the same reason
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  10. update of the 25-07-16

    a small correction was necessary
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