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Austrian Dragstrip & Dirt-track 3.1

A fictional dragstrip & dirt-track somewhere in Austria

  1. Update #6

    The new BeamNG.drive update causes some problems.
    Please update to this version!

    Added Alps-backdrop
    (I hope this doesn't affect the fps too much, if you notice a fps-decrease you could open the level editor and delete the backdrop)
    Fixed bugs caused by the new BeamNG.drive update

    Fixed missing textures
  2. Quickraces - Last Major Update

    This is most likely going to be the last update for this mod (except bugfixes probably)

    Added Quickraces (Time Trials)
    1/4 Mile Dragrace
    Dirt Track
    Arena Track
    A lot of visual improvements

    Minor improvements to the dirt-track

    Added some new ramps and details to the arena

    Fixed missing textures
  3. Update #4

    Added new terrain-materials
    Visually improved dirt-track​

    Visually improved starting area of dragstrip
    Added colored asphalt​

    Added WC-USA Objects
    Added decorational objects
    Added ramps
    Added tire-stacks​

    Redesigned pits-area

    Fixed missing textures
  4. 2.0 Fixes & Prepped Asphalt

    Added prepped asphalt (upon request)

    Improved time-display texture

    Fixed a bump on the drag-strip
  5. Huge Update

    Added Dirt Track
    Dirt oval-track
    Small racetrack
    Asphalt-area for placing ramps etc.

    Improved render-blockers​
  6. Update #1

    Improved catch-fencing texture

    Added rocks

    Fixed backdrop
    Fixed one wall
    Fixed one missing texture

    You might have to delete the cache for the changes to become apparent!
  7. Fixed Missing Textures

    Fixed Missing Textures
  8. Fixed Missing Textures

    Fixed Missing Textures
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