Outdated Austrian Racetrack 1.3

A fictional modern racetrack set somewhere in Austria

  1. Another BIG UPDATE

    • Full AI Support
    • Mayor layout changes:
    • Remade the start/finish line
    • Remade the first few corners
    • Longer pit lane
    • Longer main straight
    • Replaced the last corners with a straight
    • Gameplay Improvements:
    • Added a few sandpits
    • Lower curbes
    • Many visual Improvements:
    • More Vegetation
    • Changed and added decorational objects
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  2. Huge Update - 1.2

    • Fixed/Completed Start/Finish Line
    • Remade the two main straights
    • Changed and improved a lot of the barriers
    • Remade the first turn
    • Removed the first chicane
    • Many Layout and environment changes
    • Added A Bridge
    • Visual Improvements
    • Custom Textures
    (Make sure you clear the cache!)
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  3. Austrian Racetrack - Beta 1.1

    • Completely remade the main chicane
    • Many small layout improvements
    • Fixed/Edited/Deleted/Added curbes
    • Added marks to the start lane (WIP)
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