Beta Autobello Mods 0.69

5 Lug conversion, V8, Vtec engine, 6 SPeed DCT and more

  1. TommoT
    a quick mod I made about the Autobello when it came out, that includes some Parts.

    - 5 Lug Conversion (under suspension)
    - 3.5L V8 Engine (Stock boxer 4 model since i still dont know how that stuff works)
    - 6 Speed DCT
    - 60 PSI Turbo
    - 1.5L VTEC i4
    - Radiator for watercooled engines (for VTEC and V8, no model)

    known issues:
    -Custom engines (V8 and i4) are Watercooled and because of it not working properly overheat at some point instantly


    1. Autobellomod.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. please reply :)
    please reply :)
    Version: 0.69
  2. Crazy Killer
    Crazy Killer
    Version: 0.69
    This is what i EXACTLY i need ;)
  3. Hey hey
    Hey hey
    Version: 0.69
    Mod :)
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