Experimental Autobrutta Grandicello (Autobello) 3.0

The exact opposite of the Autobello Piccolina

  1. italy0047
    Some says is the Fiat Multipla, but it isn't: It's the Autobrutta Grandicello.
    The Autobrutta Grandicello is a car made in 1998 by Autobello, but that was their biggest mistake: was so ugly and rated bad that it was renamed Autobrutta.
    It is the exact opposite of Piccolina:
    Piccolina is small, Grandicello is big.
    Piccolina is a bug-hatchback, Grandicello is a minivan-hatchback.
    Piccolina is rear engine RWD, Grandicello is front engine FWD
    Piccolina is rated excellent and beautiful, Grandicello is rated poor and ugly etc...

    Autobrutta means "ugly car, Grandicello means"bigger", as Autobello means "Beautiful" car and Piccolina means "smaller".
    screenshot_2020-10-02_15-10-27.png screenshot_2020-10-02_15-10-39.png screenshot_2020-10-02_15-10-50.png screenshot_2020-10-02_15-11-37.png

    I4 engine, cast iron, 6000 RPM;
    Top speed 206 km/ h;
    0-100 9,5 secs.;
    Traverse FWD;
    4-speed manual;
    364 Hp
    Horn 10


    Treated steel body and glavinasted chassis;
    Steel wheels with plastic hubcups;

    This mod has also the mk2 version from 2006, with the same engine specs but with 5-speed manual, standard steel body and chassis and horn 6.
    screenshot_2020-10-02_15-11-22.png screenshot_2020-10-02_15-11-08.png


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