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Automatic Transmissions for Cherrier FCV 1.3

Automatic for more zoomies

  1. Initial 8-speed release

    • Initial release of 8-speed (shifting might need some tuning, hard to tell with how .20 is acting)
    • Yes, I added this because I don't really like the 7-speeds ratios
    • Yes, I couldn't be bothered to just change them so I liked them
  2. Slight change for drag trans

    • Split torque converter lockup variables into their own section for the tuning panel
  3. E N H A N C E

    • Added some additional configuration goodness for the 6 speed drag trans
  4. Even more converter fun

    • Lowered low-load shift points a bit
    • Entirely too much "fun" was had trying to get the I3 a bit more reasonable (still not great but it's better)
    • Made the gap in stiffness between high stall and medium/low stall converters for drag trans FAR less massive
    • Changed ratios of first three gears of 7 speed to make them shorter and therefore a bit more friendly, especially for the I3

    Next update will bring an automatic valve body to the drag trans, as well as some...
  5. Drag spec 6 speed

    • First release with 6 speed drag transmission
  6. Added 7 speed

    • First release with 7 speed
    • Decided to stick with the old mod's zip filename even though technically not accurate anymore
  7. Fine tuning

    • Further tuned high RPM, high load shifting
    • Changed converter lockup to happen in 10th gear
    • Slightly lowered 2nd and 3rd high load shift points to prevent a rev-limiter shift
  8. Shorter gears, better shifting

    • Shorter gears like the ETK 10 speed (aka 10R80)
    • Tweaked stiffness of all converters
    • Changed high load shift up RPM for the 1.6L so it won't just sit at limiter in auto/sport modes
    • Changed high load shift up RPM for first through third for the 2.5 so going from normal driving between 10 and 35mph should yield better shifts
    • Added multi-shift speed so it should be more leisurely and less brutal in D, while being faster and a bit more brutal in sport/manual.
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