Beta Autopilot system for me262! 2.1

Helps you to piloting your plane.

  1. Tiny update

    Just a tiny update.
    The "Going in a straight way without speed controlling" mode changed to "Maintain heading"
    The "Going in a straight way with speed controlling" mode changed to "Maintain heading and speed"
    The "speed controlling" mode changed to "Maintain speed"

    Thanks to @jakelooker for the suggestion
  2. Huge update

    1. Added Landing mode (still WIP)

    2. Changed something in takeoff mode.

    3. Now the "Shift + A" key just toggles mode between the 1st and 2nd and 3rd mode:

    For using takeoff and landing mode, use their hot keys

    4. Added hot keys for modes. (Only the takeoff and landing mode have default key):

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