Average Fuel Consumption

Calculates the fuel consumption to the traveled distance

  1. Corrected to work with v0.23

    Hello All!

    Made some corrections and cleaned up initializations.
    Now it should with BeamNG version 0.23.
  2. Corrected to work with v0.23

    Hello Together!

    I corrected some small things, that had rendered this app broken with v0.23.

    Basically I had to much stuff initialized, that wasn't available anymore in this fashion.

    Now it should work!

    Best regards
  3. Reworked app, so it updates better when no other apps are running.

    I reworked this app, with a new starting point.
    The example of the wiki didn't work for me as it didn't update the ui of the app properly.

    I didn't work out why, but I found a starting point that worked well and took this and transferred my programming to that.

    Now it updated smoothly and also works when there are no other app on screen.

    Have fun!


    1. AvgFuelConsumption2020-04-25.png
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