AW Astro 4.0.2

Perfection in simplicity

  1. ETK A-Series "Definitive Edition"

    So basically since i forgot to write the changelog and im to lazy to do so now, here is a quick recap of whats new and changed.

    -Fully new suspension setup thanks to @TrackpadUser
    -All new offroad, factory and custom configs
    -Reworked jbeam
    -Added multiple rims, hubcaps and tires
    -New liveries
    -Improved torque curves
    -Improved models and dashboard textures
    -Console is now clear from errors
    -And a lot more stuff for you to discover

    Thanks you for patience and i hope you enjoy the update. :)

    Also thanks to @Car_Killer for general help and @STERFRY333 for some refreshed dash textures.
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