AW Astro 4.0.2

Perfection in simplicity

  1. "Quality of Life" update part 1

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    • Added forced induction to all the engines in the mod
    • Added underglow
    • Added roofrack (all the loads work properly, but some weird thing happens if you use the matress, its still under investigation as to why)
    • Revamped stance config
    • Improved vanilla textures and models such as snorkel and bullbars
    • Improved the glass (Fixed the green tint and reworked tinted glass)
    • Improved weight distribution of the vehicle (let me know if it causes stress issues with some part combinations, i didnt have time to test it all)
    • Improved base model steelie textures
    • Improved main body jbeam
    • Fixed half shaft mesh being invisible
    • Fixed automatic shifter
    • Fixed other minor jbeam/mesh issues
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