AW Astro 4.0.2

Perfection in simplicity

  1. A little remaster

    Main changes:
    • New interior
    • New front end jbeam
    • New configs
    • New engine
    • Fixed most, if not all issues the mod had
    Model/Texture stuff:
    • Fully new interior by me and @waboll featuring 5 different and unique skins for different trim levels
    screenshot_2022-01-14_16-37-32.png screenshot_2022-01-14_16-36-50.png
    • New police gear and lights
    • Improved shading
    • Improved engine models
    • Added new "ETK Aero" wheels and remastered the base steelies
    screenshot_2022-01-09_19-42-57.png screenshot_2022-01-09_16-04-03.png
    • Added more customisation parts
    • Improved uv maps (your custom skins might be slightly broken if you made some for this mod)
    • Other minor improvements
    • Fully new front end jbeam

    • Updated body shape and glass jbeam
    • Made it slightly lighter
    • Improved suspension jbeam (@TrackpadUser )
    - Added:

    • The Atrocious (M)
    • 1600d (M)
    • 1600d (A)
    • 1600 Sync (M)
    • 1600 Sync (A)
    • 1600 Harlequin (M)
    • Group A (M)
    - Revamped:
    • Polizei (M)
    • 1600 Fire&Ice (M)
    • 1800 Sport (A)
    - Removed:
    • 1000 (A)
    • 1300 USDM (M)
    • 1300 USDM (A)
    • 1600 Mix (M)
    • Harlequin (M)
    • Diesel Swapped (M)
    And even more stuff for you to explore :D
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