AW Astro 4.0.2

Perfection in simplicity

  1. fixes

    - minor improvements
    - fixed some jbeam instabilities with air fresheners
  2. fixes

    - Fixed loading issue
    - Fixed air fresheners again
  3. 1.1.2 minor update

    - Added another roof option and more parts such as exhaust, internals, etc.
    - Fixed navigation bug
    - Fixed air fresheners
    - Other minor improvements
  4. hotfix

    -fixed right plastic fender issue
  5. 1.1 Update

    ok so i forgot to write a proper changelog but
    - added two new configs
    - more parts
    - VR5 and VR6 engine swaps
    - Refreshed trackday config
    - Added air fresheners (some were made by @Shadows and @MGR 99 )
    - Improved jbeam
    - And more

    Also fixed lots of bugs and minor issues :D
  6. hotfix

    - Fixed bug when mph gauges appear as kmh ones
  7. 1.0 Update


    - The almighty 1.9 Turbo Diesel swap
    - Added lips
    - Custom fascia option
    - More tuning for the engines
    - Interior license plate (mod slot)
    - Added Eastern Europe Special and Diesel Swapped configs
    - Cabrio parts
    - Cabrio configs
    - Temporary mph gauges
    - Skin support (thanks @Car_Killer )
    - Light Beacon (thanks @Kemro )
    - Anime (by @Car_Killer ) and police skin
    - Special parts and config
    - Polizei config


  8. hotfix

    - Fixed us plate being linked to bumper instead of the tailgate
    - Fixed material issue in the engine bay
  9. 0.2b Update


    - USDM Parts
    - USDM Configs


    - Reworked engine curves (thanks @Braskus )
    - Reworked engine sounds (thanks @_Tanco )
    - Reworked P-Slot wheels (thanks @LucasBE )
    - Sport models are now N/A
    - Front of the vehicle was redesigned a little bit to make it look better
    - Changed seats to etki ones and added alternate version for sport configs
    - Sport fascia now has double headlights
    - Fixed exhaust mesh sticking out...
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