Experimental AWD Pack for RWD vehicles 5.0.1

AWD transfercase for RWD only cars.

  1. Xupaun
    Hey guys.
    After some time playing with JBEAM, I managed to make a AWD pack for some of the RWD only cars.

    For now the pack adds a AWD transfercase for both the Fullsize (Grand Marshall) and the Bluebuck, located on the driveshaft slots of each car.

    Each transfercanse have two front differential options (open and LSD) with the same gear ratios found on the Rear differential, six center differentials, being them: open, LSD, viscous, locking and the splitshafts from the Vivace (front biased) and modern ETKs (rear biased).

    It also adds a custom DSE for all cars with the linelock slot, so you can use the Splitshafts.

    Known bugs:

    *The universal DSE (located on the linelock slot) does not work properly on the D-Series/Roamer, for that, they have a exclusive DSE system on their ESC slot.
    *I couldn't manage to make the traction control work with dually wheels, so, for now, use the traction control only on SRW trucks.


    *BeamNG for all the required code and for the test platform.
    *@thatguy47 for part of the driveshafts code (structurally, the Driveshafts are based on his race driveshafts, since they are stronger).

    Cars that may get this treatment:

    *Barstow; (added on v4.0)
    *Burnside; (added on v3.0)
    *Moonhawk; (added on v5.0)
    *Bolide; (added on v5.0)
    *200BX. (added on v2.0)

    Layout for the GM:
    Layout for the Bluebuck:

    For bug reports or suggesions, use the discussion tab:

Recent Updates

  1. Moonhawk fix
  2. Big Update
  3. Barstow Update

Recent Reviews

  1. julausrie
    Version: 5.0.1
    yay thanks!
  2. EN07Z
    Version: 4.0
    best wheel drive
  3. DARIOcaptain
    Version: 2.0
  4. DARIOcaptain
    Version: 1.0
    1. Xupaun
      Author's Response
      I can try. Probably will be added on the 200BX update
  5. mrwallace888
    Version: 1.0
    Can you do transfer cases for more cars? Adding FWD and RWD to cars, or giving the New Pessima RWD.
    1. Xupaun
      Author's Response
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