Beta B1 Alpha Pack 1.2

Ridiculous, Electric Hypercars

  1. Riley Phillips
    I don't have too many cars for this pack, but they are super fun to drive.
    All the cars are stock straight from Automation, no jbeam trickery (yet)

    The way that I have designed these cars is by creating a powerful engine that has power all the way through the rev range, and giving it super long gears. They all have 4 gears, but you should only have to use 2, since thats more realistic and the way I have it set. Also, they're very quiet for Automation car standards, adding to the realism.

    They should be controllable, AWD and wings in theory will help you stay roughly in the right direction and not in a tree ;) Although they are pretty scary.

    Here are the cars:

    • B1 Alpha E - X12 Kraken
      HighresScreenshot00007.png HighresScreenshot00008.png
    • B1 Alpha E - B12 Hydra
      HighresScreenshot00043.png HighresScreenshot00044.png
      (Its not as green as that i promise)
    • B1 Alpha Caerus E-XZ
      Photo52.png Photo53.png
      This car actually started the brand, so it's pretty special.
    • Zephorus M - 0 ZA R
      Photo96.png Photo97.png Photo91.png
    I hope you enjoy the pack as much as I do!
    I might make one or two more cars just to round it off but that'll be a bit in the future.

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Recent Reviews

  1. Kasir
    Version: 1.0
    Pretty good! Make me wonder why electric engines aren't already a thing in Automation. It would make for some very interesting cars.
    1. Riley Phillips
      Author's Response
      It would! But thats something for Automation 2 ;)
      Creating the engine was part of the challenge, it was fun and unique rather than just modding in a electric engine that was already in the game.
  2. Staji
    Version: 1.0
    Gorgeous vehicles, can't say anything else
  3. Coshei
    Version: 1.0
    Boss :)
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