Beta Baja Hopper Parts 0.6

Set Of Offroad racing parts for are favorite jeep look a like

  1. Anti thot...I mean squat

    *optimized and cleaned up alot of the shock Jbeam reducing the needed beams by nearly half.
    *reworked the front and rear suspension geometry vastly improving Suspension cycling
    *reworked the steering and reduced bump steer
    *Cleaned up a few unused nodes
    *spare tires should not get stuck in the frame as much now
    *improved shock bound zones and bump stop limits
    *tweaked the tires even more.
  2. Its almost like rocket Science

    Fixed my big OOF when ziping the file should work now.

    Fixed the back end having massive amount of anti squat.
    edited and played with the tires.

    Im doing a ton of testing and tuning with the Suspension geometry currently, which will change how the car handles and performs in many many ways. Good or bad
  3. MOAR POWER!!! less bugs update

    * fuel cell.
    *cut fenders both rear and front
    * wide fender flares
    * added missing damping zone to shocks, hard landing should be much smoother now
    *Fixed alot of the steering problems thou some still need tweaked
    *spare tires
    *Rear bumper.
    *tweaked engine and its sounds
    and a heap of other small fixes.
  4. Better, faster, textured

    small update to both add a new tune, fix suspension items to do what there really supposed to (still tweaking the settings) and a simple tire texture fix by ItsYourBoi. thank you very much.

    sorry for all the delay in updates folks but im not really a modder im just a guy that digs a little to deep into games and wanted to share what i tend to really only make for myself.
    Thanks in advance for your understanding
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