Banger Track Pack 1.0

Banger Racing pack that includes a variety of short oval tracks

  1. jam_1989
    Series of tracks based on or converted from the banger racing mod 'Seduction of Destruction', For anyone who doesn't know what SoD is its a total conversion mod for Carmageddon 2 which makes it into a fully fledged banger racing game.
    1 track has been converted over from Nascar Heat.

    How to use these tracks:
    Simply set up the grid of cars you wanna race/smash up.
    Once that is done press ESC, go to AI and select random in the option, now the field will driver around the track.
    You can turn off the awareness of the AI with one of the apps.

    Scratch made tracks:
    Millom - remade forBeamNG.
    Smallfield - remade, originally destined for Wreckfest but that project was scrapped.

    Converted tracks:
    Arena Essex
    Big Dirt
    Newtongrange (Heat model)
    Wimbledon - Supports night racing.

    Freddy (original creator of the TC mod)
    BugBear - I used some of their textures on the remade tracks.
    AndyH - Newtongrange heat track.



    1. 20200815121539_1jpg9d657db774371d2946b02875e3728a57.jpg
    2. 20200815121941_1jpga0e79d68149f8d0e2b0b3da60611f7fe.jpg
    3. 20200815122002_1jpg585bc17412cccdc0efb1b5ddff9fa5b6.jpg
    4. 20200816004146_1jpge477a574271c0fbca1b2664cc362ce6b.jpg
    5. 20200816004305_1jpga7b3304d4f3d417d222438b9f9f0ba4e.jpg
    6. 20200816011932_1jpgad804a61c9e8eac689483e14a8866fcd.jpg
    7. 20200829140455_1jpg413616a56dc8bde01d62a93b1c5b7f29.jpg
    8. 20200829140507_1jpg68e884bde4222110b2cddf5bb8737bad.jpg
    9. 20200829140611_1jpg3beed9be2c4a995a3245056d5478bbce.jpg
    10. 20200829140634_1jpgd70e55c3ef1c1aed1e98921e2d5f39d8.jpg
    11. 20200829142050_1jpg4fda145c89842036a7fdd26554f3bf1c.jpg
    12. 20200910010651_1jpg546dff99126d4ff86b421a12ffb3572a.jpg
    13. 20200910010705_1jpg8eedf2576cd04eca58b0bad174fb1a1b.jpg
    14. 20200910010720_1jpgcaa093d9d3519dd138082fce6c73b828.jpg
    15. 20200910145821_1jpg6b30463929794047c52f4884a34e0115.jpg
    16. 20200910145913_1jpge0722d204947ffd5e1bf2d2f04a5c013.jpg
    17. 20200911202543_1jpg5108d943a79f2010d0c84504969ab367.jpg
    18. 20200911202602_1jpg519e9de51d4e849d6d72e8263e9a613b.jpg
    19. 20200911202857_1jpg532d07850049d97aa470ae8dcac5c1e0.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. handheldboi
    Version: 1.0
    I love this mod, I really wanted a dirt oval to try and do old nascar races on, only nitpick is that you always spawn the wrong way
  2. OldCarsRule57
    Version: 1.0
  3. Fredr3x
    Version: 1.0
    Been wanting this for so long. There was one ages ago but think it’s outdated :)
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