Alpha Basic Additional Piccolina Parts 0.05

Engines, transaxles and more

  1. Greefersecond
    This mod adds a couple new features to the Autobello Piccolina

    Warning: the mod is not very detailed and has some bugs here and there

    New Parts:
    -Diesel Inline 3 engine taken from the Pigeon
    -Diesel fuel tank
    -Rear mounted 5L fuel tank (diesel and gasoline)
    -Automatic 2-Speed transaxle + torque converter
    [Update 0.02]
    -Small radiator
    [Update 0.03]
    [Update 0.04]
    -Automatic 3-Speed transaxle
    -Rear US-Style License Plate (Rear Bumper Slot)
    [Update 0.05]
    -Manumatic 4-Speed transaxle
    -Line lock
    [Update 0.06]
    -Variable Turbocharger for the Inline 3
    -Stage 1 Internals for the Inline 3
    -Custom Front and Rear Suspension with switchable Wheel Hubs
    -Custom Off-road Front and Rear Suspension with changeable Wheel Hubs
    -4-Lug Wheel Hubs [Front And Rear]
    -5-Lug Wheel Hubs [Front And Rear]
    -6-Lug Wheel Hubs [Front and Rear]
    -8-Lug Wheel Hubs [Rear]
    -Locking Rear Differential
    -Heavy Duty 8-Speed Manual Transmission (+2 Reverse Gears)

    New Configurations:
    [Update 0.04]
    -Diesel Automatic
    -110A Automatic
    -130A Automatic
    [Update 0.05]
    -130B Manumatic


    Forum Page

    This is a very simple mod and I am very new to this but I am planning to add more parts and hopefully fix the current issues


    1. gsdiesel.png
    2. screenshot_2019-01-05_19-15-26.png

Recent Updates

  1. Update 0.05
  2. Hotfix 0.041
  3. Update 0.04

Recent Reviews

  1. Holiace
    Version: 0.03
    I really appreciate the work. The two speed automatic is interesting. You can ask it to downshift but it won't stay in that gear. Somehow a 2-speed automatic sorta works with the diesel (until you hit a hill). Keep at it!
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