Bastion Carbon-Ceramic Brakes 2

Feel that expensive stopping power!

  1. MarkosRuiz
    Very simple mod, swapped the Civetta Scintilla new carbon-ceramic brakes to the Bruckell Bastion, looks awesome and needed it!

    There are no configs included in the mod, so you need to select them manually. You can change the caliper color too!

    Some pictures

Recent Updates

  1. Visual improvements, bug fixes

Recent Reviews

  1. kiddchucks
    Version: 2
    for some reason i tried too put the brakes on but they dont appear i tried reinstalling it and still doesnt work for me
    1. MarkosRuiz
      Author's Response
      I’ll send you a DM when I get to home :)
  2. nervous1301
    Version: 1.0
    Hi. Could you do another one for ETK-I Series ?
  3. wishkah2
    Version: 1.0
    this is great mod! maybe you could put them on some other cars in the future? that would be great if so
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