Beta Bastion Drivetrain Expansion Pack 1.0

V10 engines, new gearboxes, ligtweight parts and ceramic brakes!

  1. MarkosRuiz
    Bastion Drivetrain Expansion Pack
    Loaded with great stuff!

    • Reworked original engines and transmiossions
    • Added V6 single-turbo engine (with 3D model)
    • Added V10 engines, 5.0L and 6.0L variants (with 3D model)
    • Lightweight parts for the V10 variants
      • Front doors
      • Rear wide doors
      • Battlehawk hood
    • 6-pot carbon ceramic brakes (with 3D model)
    • Added 7-speed automatic gearbox
    • Added front and rear open differentials
    • Added smoother tachometers
    • Added resized base wheels (18 and 20 inch)
    • Added new "duty" radiators
    • Added oil coolers
    • 3.5L 'City-Thrust' V6 Engine (250hp 335Nm)
      • Stage 1 Supercharger (340hp 465Nm)
      • Stage 1 Turbocharger (365hp 500Nm)
    • 5.0L 'Power-Smooth' V10 Engine (400hp 505Nm)
      • Stage 1 and 2 Superchargers (510hp 680Nm OR 570hp 765Nm)
      • Stage 1 and 2 TwinTurbos (750hp 990Nm OR 850hp 1140Nm)
    • 5.7L 'Eco-Master' V8 Engine (415hp 550Nm)
      • Stage 1 Supercharger (550hp 760Nm)
      • Stage 1 and 2 TwinTurbos (775hp 1060Nm OR 865hp 1185Nm)
    • 6.0L 'Smooth-Torq' V10 Engine (480hp 600Nm)
      • Stage 1 and 2 Superchargers (605hp 805Nm OR 685hp 910Nm)
      • Stage 1 and 2 TwinTurbos (890hp 1170Nm OR 1010hp 1345Nm)
      • Stage 3 TwinTurbos (1190hp 1500Nm)
    • 6.5L 'Torq-Master' V8 Engine (500hp 650Nm)
      • Stage 1 and 2 Superchargers (635hp 870Nm OR 660hp 910Nm)
      • Stage 1 and 2 TwinTurbos (900hp 1200Nm OR 1000hp 1340Nm)
    3.5L 'City-Thrust' V6 Engine

    5.0L 'Power-Smooth' V10 Engine

    5.7L 'Eco-Master' V8 Engine

    6.0L 'Smooth-Torq' V10 Engine

    6.5L 'Torq-Master' V8 Engine

    Please consider leaving a review so I can improve for future mods. Thank you!
    If you experience any issues, please send me a private message in order to try and fix the issue before leaving a bad review, I'll be more than glad to help!
    Thanks to @bmwcrazy456 for the thumbnails!

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  1. DaddelZeit
    Version: 0.95
    Great job!
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