Beta Bastion Drivetrain Expansion Pack 1.0

V10 engines, new gearboxes, ligtweight parts and ceramic brakes!

  1. New sounds, new tires, 0.26 compatibility

    • Changed V8 engine sounds
    • Changed V6 engine sounds
    • Added new drive modes
      • Stealth mode: full muffled without controls
      • Savage mode: muffler bypass without controls
    • Added grey colour option to carbon ceramic calipers
    • Added 7-speed Dual Clutch gearbox
    • Added All Season tires for 18 inch wheels
    • Fixed issues with 0.26 update
  2. Some tweaks and new features

    • Adjusted V6 turbo sounds
    • Added new All Season tires for 20x8, 20x9, 20x11 wheels
    • Added new Sport Plus 2R tires for 20x11 wheels
    • Updated configs with new tires
    • Adjusted V10 engine sounds
    • Tweaked cabron ceramic brakes 3D model
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