Beam Mountains 3, Refresh v1

A place of rapid altitude change

  1. Driv3r1142
    Note; Still working on a properly updated description, for now enjoy the update and some new pics

    Welcome to Beam Mountains



    An entire map focusing purely on treacherous mountainous terrain, and winding narrow roads.

    Few of the them have realistic grades or banking, and that straightaway you're on? It might terminate into a tight switchback, hard turn, or hairpin.

    screenshot_2022-11-02_00-13-15.png screenshot_2022-11-02_00-13-34.png screenshot_2022-11-02_00-15-19.png screenshot_2022-11-02_00-07-23.png screenshot_2022-11-02_00-07-48.png screenshot_2022-11-02_00-08-04.png screenshot_2022-11-02_00-09-15.png screenshot_2022-11-02_00-10-45.png screenshot_2022-11-02_00-11-19.png screenshot_2022-11-02_00-12-57.png

    Pretty much perfect for rallying, great for extremely punishing hillclimbs, and just pushing your driving skills to the limit in general.

    Also, like crashing? because if you don't, drive with caution. Otherwise you will discover one of the many cliffs there are on this map.

    Did I mention cliffs earlier? There's also a couple ramps now too.
    screenshot_2022-11-02_00-11-25.png screenshot_2022-11-02_00-12-43.png
    Each one's almost completely uninterrupted by pesky guardrails or trees... Its a long way down, that's for sure.​

    BeamNG for official assets used
    Driv3r1142; for layout, heightmap used, and other small minor things.

    Legacy (From older versions)
    Ouerbacker; For helping with smoothing out roads before the Align to Mesh feature was a thing in the world editor, and for the older texture work

    To install this map just either click the Subscribe button, or download it and drop it into your mods folder.

    Also, if you have any prior versions of this map installed from public testing, MAKE SURE TO DELETE THEM COMPLETELY AND CLEAR CACHE BEFORE INSTALLING THE NEW VERSION. Before reporting any issues, please make sure to do a clean install of the map first (Unsubscribe, make sure the .zip is deleted from your mods/repo folder, clear cache, then reinstall.)

    Historic videos;

    WhyBeAre video

    If you find any problems, don't report them in your review... Take the time to make a forum post about the issue in the mod's thread. It may still affect your review but it needs to go elsewhere other than in your review statement.

    Known issues currently include the AI, and possible issues with imposters for some of the forest objects. Also apparently there are still missing textures for the oak trees... Will be addressed in a future update.

Recent Reviews

  1. dolmuşcu
    Version: 3, Refresh v1
    Its good but when i load the map every where is no material/texture and there is no terrain
  2. Cheker
    Version: 3, Refresh v1
    Infuriating but great. Forget about good times, I'm happy to just finish
  3. Softshell
    Version: 3, Refresh v1
    I absolutely love the map and the new update. The only thing I would like to see would be keeping the same amount of trees as the original. Feels a bit empty to me. Otherwise the best map in the game imo.
  4. AlphaBoomer
    Version: 3, Refresh v1
    Except for some minor jankyness in the terrain and on some curves this map is absolutely asthonishing to look at and plain simple fun to drive on!

    I really enjoy the natural flow of roads joining the landscape.

    It feels realistic all around and in all a solid and sound experience!
  5. supaunltd
    Version: 3, Refresh v1
    I remember downloading this map during an older version, and it was the lighting and the unrealistic nature of the cliffs that turned me away. I think that this revamp is a huge upgrade to about every part of it, and it's awesome to feel like you're exploring a new map. I do think it could be improved with some more small dirt roads throughout, but overall great job!!
  6. BossBaouzza
    Version: 3, Refresh v1
    The old one was better.

    First off, big thumbs up for updating this map and for your dedication. For me, it is hands down the best map in Beamng, closely followed by Altitude (I have played this game for the last 10 years as a reference). I like you have updated the lighting, that was most needed. However, after having played 2-3 hours on the latest update, I noticed most of the roads that made this map stand out from the others have changed dramaticly. For example, the iconic downhill hairpin turn right after the 'old gas station' spawnpoint is now a large bending turn. It's changes like these all throughout the map that remove the challange of navigating the difficult terrain. Another example is the road uphill just before you enter the tunnel. This road used to be very steep and challenging when driving a big rig, but now its a less steep uphill widend road which removes the challenge like before.
    I give this map a 4/5 rating because its still one of the best, but personally, I will go back to the old map. Thanks!
    1. Driv3r1142
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your review :) You're also the first one to actually comment on the changes made, I appreciate the feedback.

      Also love to hear from other long time users as well. Personally I think "Remake" would've probably been a better word to describe many of the changes done here, I completely understand how you feel.
      Just like with real world race tracks for instance that undergo massive layout changes, people will always be split on whether or not the old design was better.

      The current layout is pretty much what it will be from now on, though I can look into increasing the grades and doing some other small tweaks on some of them if people feel they're too easy to drive currently ;)
  7. a plane guy
    a plane guy
    Version: 3, Refresh v1
  8. buddy boyo
    buddy boyo
    Version: 3, Refresh v1
    5 stars
  9. Drivesafe4
    Version: 3, Refresh v1
    Literally the most realistic american roads on a map mod. Feels like an actual road you would drive on in real life.
  10. Coolkyleko
    Version: 3, Refresh v1
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