Beamcar - SBR4 Skin 1.5

Beamcar Configuration for the SBR4

  1. Rotfell
    Beamcar is a car rental, and it's inspired by the car rentals Europcar, Hertz and sixt

    And now you can rent the SBR4!

    screenshot_00133.png screenshot_00134.png screenshot_00135.png screenshot_00136.png

    - Installation
    Just drop the ZIP into your Mods folder or press the Install button

    - Don't reupload without my permission

    If you enjoy my work, it will be nice if you leave a good rating :D

    Have Fun!
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Recent Updates

  1. 1.5 A paint job

Recent Reviews

  1. RBDaBeast
    Version: 1.5
    IDEA! can you make a map with a lot of beamcars? like a little car rental?
  2. TheAssaultGamer
    Version: 1.5
    Could you add something like "Beamcar Exotic Rentals'' or similar?
    1. Rotfell
      Author's Response
      Yes good idea!
  3. MrAnnoyingDude
    Version: 1.0
    Good mod, but why would a rental have a rear-engined performance car?
    1. Rotfell
      Author's Response
      It's something like a special :D
  4. blueshift
    Version: 1.0
    Awesome skin! I have all of them. If only I could have an entire parking lot (probably 15-20 cars) of Beamcars but even my i5-6500 would be quite stressed :P

    Beamcar - rent your dream car. Now I can, since the SBR4 is my BeamNG.dreamcar. :D
    1. Rotfell
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